1.016 USD
0.946 EUR
88.667 INR
1 056.147 ARS
69 501 USD
63 296 EUR
6 330 659 INR
67 286 663 ARS
3 549 USD
3 191 EUR
309 507 INR
3 348 899 ARS
615.675 USD
575.251 EUR
54 383.013 INR
602 666.667 ARS

Okx P2P prices ETH for BBD (Barbados dollar)

Calculation of interest from the exchange rate:

**About OKX-prices: some ads on the OKX exchange are hidden for authorized users who do not match the parameters set by the maker (the owner of the ad). Therefore, when analyzing OKX prices, keep in mind that if you are logged into OKX, you may not see some ads. To get the full picture, it's best to log out of your OKX account or browse the OKX exchange in a private browser tab.

*Activity 24H - activity index from P2P.Army. This is the sum of the "number of ads" and the "number of changes in the volume of these ads" for the specified payment method. Those. if there is only 1 ad on the payment method, but the amount of the asset being sold (for example, USDT) has decreased or increased 5 times per day, then the activity will be equal to 6. (1 ad + 5 volume changes = 6 points).

This activity index only shows an "approximate" activity, and is not a real picture. It helps us to determine the rating of payment methods depending on the asset, for example, RUB/USDT and RUB/BUSD.

This page displays prices for purchasing ETH for BBD (Barbados dollar) from the Okx P2P crypto exchange. The table displays P2P prices for buying and selling crypto assets:

  • The “BUY” column shows the price at which you can buy ETH. Here the ad owners (makers) sell you ETH.
  • The “SELL” column shows the price at which you can sell ETH. Here ad owners (makers) buy ETH from you.
  • The “%” columns show the spread (price difference) from your price in the “Calculation” field. Prices that are higher than your price are highlighted in green.
  • The “Number of Ads” column shows the number of merchant ads. There are "2 digits". The first number is the number of ads that buy ETH. The second number is the number of ads that sell ETH.
  • The last column with a “timer” shows the time of price synchronization with the P2P platform.

Use this table to quickly assess the situation with the prices of ETH for BBD on the Okx P2P platform.. And also visually find ways to buy/sell through the “Calculation of interest on the exchange rate” field.