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P2P order book constructor

Professional monitoring of P2P order books to search P2P spreads and improve the convenience of work.

The main difference between this tool and old “Monitoring P2P Order Books” is the ability to compare orders for different exchanges, crypto-assets, payment methods, choice of BUY/SELL order book type.

Also, it is possible to filter order books by the amount of positions and seller statuses, which makes your monitoring much more convenient and effective.

You can, within one fiat currency, specify any exchanges, crypto assets, payment methods, type of books for the left and right sides of the order books and filter by amount.

When working with the constructor, the possible number of P2P strategies will be no less than in tables with 2 and 3 steps, but only with a more compact and convenient presentation, as well as the ability to filter by amount in real time.

Comparison of different P2P exchanges

Ability to compare P2P order books from different exchanges.

Now you can quickly and easily receive P2P order books from different exchanges using the payment methods you need.

Comparison of crypto assets

Analysis of order books of different assets through spot exchange.

Often, P2P traders use strategies for trading different crypto assets to increase their income. For example, if you purchase an alternative crypto dollar BUSD and exchange it for USDT, then most often the spread will be higher.

When comparing order books between different assets, will immediately receive the rate from the spot exchange and instantly show you a quote with the resulting spread.

Comparison of payment methods

Comparison of any payment methods in P2P order books.

P2P traders have a popular method of purchasing crypto assets through less liquid payment methods. This method can significantly increase the spread or even increase it several times.

Different types of order books (BUY/SELL)

Analyze both MAKER and TAKER modes.

If you work as a maker, then the left order book should be SELL, and the right order book should be BUY.

Filtering by amount and user status

Update from the exchange in real time.

The filter by amount makes it possible to more accurately obtain the spread between different order books and place your own orders in the correct competitive positions.

And also, analyze strategies for purchasing and selling in “small or large” volumes, which sometimes increase the spread multiple. I.e. you buy crypto assets in small amounts and sell them in large orders.

Comparison of positions

Double-click on the desired positions on the left and right to compare them.

If you are interested in a specific spread between the left and right columns, then you can double-click the ad from the left order book and double-click from the right order book.

After highlighting 2 ads, you can see the spread between these ads.

Selecting users

If you trade using this monitoring, then you can highlight your logins in the table.

If you constantly use monitoring when trading, then the function of highlighting logins in order books may be useful for you. To further highlight users' ads, indicate the logins of these users so that their positions are always easy to determine.


Requires P2P plan

To access this functionality, you need to subscribe to a P2P plan.