1.032 USD
0.923 EUR
88.100 INR
1 158.150 NGN
857.863 ARS
34 108 USD
35 453 EUR
3 463 405 INR
44 139 000 NGN
32 480 000 ARS
1 960 EUR
193 888 INR
2 399 969 NGN
1 876 542 ARS
250.000 USD
219.034 EUR
20 699.997 INR
265 946.433 NGN
202 993.000 ARS

Table of P2P strategies in 3 steps

In this section you will find more than 485 thousand(s) arbitrage opportunities that are automatically verified with exchanges Binance, Huobi, Bybit, Okx.
These inexhaustible arbitrage opportunities will always tell you how to act in the most profitable way.

For RUB more than 485 246 arbitrage opportunities!

≈ 485 246 arbitrage opportunities

In the table in 3 steps you will find ≈ 485 246 связок for RUB, which are automatically verified with P2P exchanges.

EVERY second(s)

The quantity changes constantly, because... arbitrage opportunities appear and disappear every second.

≈15 second(s)

On average throughout the system, we check prices with P2P exchanges every ≈15 second(s) for all currencies and their assets.

For RUB P2P strategies are filtered by the following payment methods:

A-BankAK Bars BankAdvCashAlfa-BankAlipayAvangardBCS BankBCS bank Bank Saint-PetersburgBank TransferCashCash DepositCitibankCredit Bank of MoscowCredit Europe BankEcobankGazprombankHalyk BankHome Credit BankIdramKaspi BankLocal Bank(R-Green)Local Bank(S-Green)Local Card(Green)Local Card(Red)Local Card(Yellow)MIRMTN Mobile MoneyMTS-BankMirMobile top-upOTP BankOtkritie BankOzonPSBPayeerPaysendPost BankQIWIRNCB BankRSK BankRaiffeisen Bank AvalRaiffeisenbankRenaissance CreditRosbankRosselkhozbankRussian Standard BankSBPSberbankSimplySovkombankTinkoffU-moneyUBRRUniCreditUralsib BankVTBWeChatWiseЮMoney
Select another currency from above to see payment options for your fiat.

The table in 3 steps is built on the following stages:


Buy a cryptocurrency asset on P2P from a bank card or account.


Exchange an asset for another asset on the spot market


Sell a new asset via P2P to return fiat to your card or bank account.

Statistics of the arbitrage table in 3 actions for RUB:

118 651 pcs.
279 033 pcs.
5 066 pcs.
82 496 pcs.
Seems like there aren't enough arbitrage opportunities? Look also Table of P2P strategies in 2 steps.
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