1.016 USD
0.946 EUR
88.667 INR
1 054.790 ARS
69 162 USD
62 645 EUR
6 305 067 INR
67 428 720 ARS
3 499 USD
3 072 EUR
306 347 INR
3 345 108 ARS
611.155 USD
563.825 EUR
54 499.013 INR
607 766.333 ARS

LAKFiat LAK (Lao kip) on P2P platforms

LAK Fiat currency overview on different P2P exchanges. Find out which exchanges you can trade on LAK in P2P.
≈ 25 269 LAK

Average selling price of 1 USDT on P2P platforms for LAK


Average selling price of 1 BTC on P2P platforms for LAK


Average selling price of 1 ETH on P2P platforms for LAK

On average, you can now buy on P2P platforms: 1 USDT (Tether USD) for 25 269 LAK.

Average price LAK (Lao kip) on P2P exchanges

The value of assets is calculated using 3 popular payment methods and the average TOP5 price in the order book.

BUY Section

At this price you can buy cryptocurrency for LAK. In the BUY section, makers (ad owners) sell cryptocurrency to visitors.

Binance P2P25 269.33--
Bybit P2P---
HTX P2P---
Okx P2P---
Kucoin P2P---
Bitget P2P---
Mexc P2P---
Average:≈ 25 269.33--

SELL section

At this price you can sell cryptocurrency for LAK. In the SELL section, makers (ad owners) buy cryptocurrency from visitors.


Statistics of volumes and activity of LAK on P2P markets

The table displays LAK (Lao kip) activity over 24 hours, the number and volume of advertisements on P2P crypto exchanges.
Ads Count**Ads Volume
# P2P Exchange Buy Sell Total **Buy **Sell Total
1Binance P2P1 2691597112$ 37 514$ 628 315$ 665 829
2Okx P2P28-2424$ 0$ 215 362$ 215 362
3Bybit P2P-------
4HTX P2P-------
5Bitget P2P-------
6Kucoin P2P-------
7Mexc P2P-------
Total:15121136$ 37 514$ 843 678$ 881 191

Chart of RUB changes on P2P platforms

Chart of volume and activity changes for LAK (Lao kip) on P2P exchanges.

TOP 30 payment methods in P2P for LAK (Lao kip)

Shows the best ways to buy or sell cryptocurrency through LAK.

P2P arbitrage opportunities for LAK

List of P2P.Army tools for finding arbitrage opportunities.
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