1.009 USD
0.945 EUR
88.667 INR
1 056.773 ARS
69 053 USD
62 497 EUR
6 294 476 INR
67 176 002 ARS
3 504 USD
3 149 EUR
306 534 INR
3 317 284 ARS
610.690 USD
573.014 EUR
54 499.013 INR
606 566.333 ARS

USDT/BBD exchange rate historical chart on P2P platforms

Exchange rate data for BBD (Barbados dollar) is collected from several P2P markets.
P2P Price type: BUY (selling) SELL (buying)
Bank Price type: SELL BUY
P2P Exchange rate history USDT/BBD

Chart settings

Add any payment methods from P2P platforms to the chart.
With the free plan, you can choose only 1 payment method. Tariffs

This section presents a historical chart of cryptoasset rates from P2P platforms.

You can add any payment methods and assets from P2P exchanges to the chart, as well as add fiat banks and central banks for comparison. Banks can connect to the chart only for USDT-like pairs.

Our quote database has been collected since the beginning of 2023. We index all fiat currencies and crypto assets every hour without restrictions. Historical data is collected:

  • For Binance P2P and OKX P2P the database is being collected from March 2023.
  • For Huobi P2P and Bybit P2P the database is being collected from December 2023.
  • From December 2023 for some central and fiat banks.
  • New P2P platforms starting January 14, 2024.

P2P price type: Previously, we collected the average price of the TOP3 ads, but recently we began to save the average price of the TOP5 ads by payment method.

The number of simultaneous data on the chart depends on your tariff: PREMIUM - 10 pcs., STANDARD - 5 pcs., Free - 1 pcs.